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Generate structured templates for any agreement

Easily create and format reusable templates for any contract or clause by adding variables into natural language documents using the Cicero templating system


Acceptance of Delivery [{shipper}} will be deemed to have completed its delivery obligations if in [{receiver}]’s opinion, the [{deliverable}] satisfies the Acceptance Criteria |


Write executable business logic for legal contracts and clauses

Ergo enables business logic expressed over the variables from your contract and responds to real-world requests occurring throughout the contract’s lifetime .


// 1. Check if the late delivery clause applies let agreed = request.agreedDelivery; let delivery = request.deliveredAt; enforce isAfter(delivery, agreed) else throw ErgoErrorResponse{ message : “Cannot exercise late delivery before delivery date” };

Template Studio

Online editor for building, editing, and test smart agreements

Quickly build and edit contract templates using the Template Studio markdown editor and template library components

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Build agreements in a technology neutral format

Just like text documents, smart agreements should not be restricted to a particular technology platform such as a given blockchain system. The Accord Project provides a neutral, technology agnostic, format that enables a contract document to be written once and used, and reused, across a variety of supported technologies.  

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